D-Sean 1     Hi my name is Du-Sean Barnett, and I am member of Global Glimpse. I am 17 years old and come from Eagle Academy in Brooklyn. As leader of the day on 8/3/15 which was education day, I learned a lot and was able to do hands on activities that furthered my learning experience. I was also able to lead my fellow members and assist them to better themselves in becoming developing leaders. Today like I mentioned earlier was education day, in which we were able to actually teach young, to middle aged Dominicans in the community of El Limòn how to speak English.

To briefly touch on what happened before we traveled to El Limòn, we all traveled to Loyola to tour the campus and got a chance to witness the great English classes that took place and to interact and speak to some of the developing English speakers. We then traveled to CTC which is the Community Technology Center that’s gives technology access to the people in or near the locations of each center. There, my group of 3 others were able to interact and dance with younger kids. We actually taught them how to do the “Soulja Boy” dance which was really fun. The looks on the kids’ faces when we were teaching the dance was such an overwhelming feeling, we all had a blast.

As we all went through these experiences, activities, and interactions I had to remember that I held the leadership role, so I had to stay on my ‘A’ game. That wasn’t too much of a problem for me because I’m so used to being a leader. I’m quarterback for my school football team, defensive leader for the lacrosse team, and people usually gravitate my way in social environments such as school or in my neighborhood. After the English lesson at El Limòn I felt like my leadership qualities were pushed to the test more and I was able to dig deep to pull out key qualities that a leader should have to cross obstacles.

Excited for the next experience!






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