Today, we had a great experience shadowing the local high school students here in Jinotega at a school called Colegio La Salle. We split into two separate groups and were able to sit in on a couple of the students’ classes and experience their education system first hand. It was really interesting getting to meet other students our age and getting to share different aspects of our cultures with each other.

Later in the day, a guest speaker, Don Baltazar, visited our hostel and gave us a presentation about Nicaragua’s current education system and its history. We learned about the struggles that the Nicaraguan education system has endured throughout the years and how it reached its current state. Hearing about the education system here was very enlightening and made us appreciate the education we are able to receive back home.


In the afternoon we finally had our first English tutoring session. We taught different levels of English based on the students’ abilities and were in charge of creating our own unique classes for each of them. Being able to help the community here was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to continue teaching and getting to know our students.

english tutoring