At the start of today the glimpsers met with Erica who educated us on exactly what the Alerta Joven project is. We learned that Alerta Joven project is a project that helps the youth and enables them to strive for success academically. The Alerta Joven project is funded by USAID  but sadly the aid will be discontinued this coming January. When the speaker Gabriel told us about the aid being cut short not only was my heart saddened but the many faces of the students were merely a reflection of my heart. But the sadness I felt was short lived due to the personal stories, they pledged to find a way to keep the project going even if they had to fund it themselves. The commitment, courage, and perseverance shocked me, it brought joy to my soul. After a while the students didn’t seem fazed at all, we began to play some small games which showed our differences but highlighted how much were alike.

I was pretty happy as ELDD to see my peers interacting and creating new friends and even though there was a language barrier we knocked it down as a team and continued to learn about one another. It was also awesome to hear how persistent Gabriel was and how he wasn’t willing to give up no matter what! Gabriel is a man who seem to stand by the quote “you can do anything you set your mind to”. He made me a firm believer in those words.

Today was beyond amazing, I learned that I’m great leader and I’m more of a people person than I thought. I see how I’m on the brink of unlocking my full potential.IMG_0035 IMG_0055 IMG_0067 IMG_0062 IMG_0024