Buenos Dias Amigos! Today was day 7 on our time here in Nicaragua, and for the most part, everyone was feeling really energetic considering we all finally got an extra hour of sleep last night. It’s still pretty hard for everyone to get adjusted to some of the food and the cold showers but I’m really surprised at how engaged the entire group was throughout the day. Today was my day as leader and it was kind of nerve racking knowing that so many people were depending on me and my performance as leader. Despite that though, I felt like I did a decent job at encouraging and motivating the rest of the Glimpsers when speaking on education today which was the topic I covered. After breakfast, we were supposed to go to the library but were surprised with a Nicaraguan dance lesson! It was interesting being able to interact with the Nicaraguans and learn some of their indigenous dances as well as teach them some of our dances. I also felt like we were all very engaged in dancing.  The program was put in place in order to give kids in the community a way to escape the streets as well as learn about their own culture. The mobile library also was impressive considering the selflessness of the individuals that were spending their free time to educate children in the community when they themselves don’t have an education beyond high school.

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After leaving the speech and taking some pictures with our new Nicaraguan friends, we went to lunch then went back to the hostel to hear another speech from a worker from the Peace Corps who basically explained her organization’s goals and answered all our questions about the education in Nicaragua. She also showed us a great spot for coffee that we didn’t even realize was right up the block. After our sit down with her, we began to prepare for our english tutoring classes at the local school, but not before having dinner of course! Its VERY necessary to eat before having to sit down for 2 hours with those kids, they were really a strain on my patience. But once you get past that, they’re all really great kids all with a passion for learning and not becoming another statistic in their country just like what we African American and Latinos face in America. I really enjoy how me and my group are all in sync and work together well enough to successfully teach a class when we ourselves don’t know much spanish. These children have really earned a place in my heart and I look forward to teaching them for the rest of our time here!



It was kind of disappointing having to give up my daily leadership role, but that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to be a leader each and everyday. Besides, everyone in the group is MORE than capable of leading the group and continuing to point the group in a positive direction. Its now one week into the trip and I’ve seen enough to really change my perspective on life and open the eyes of my community when I go back. The things that hit me most during this trip were speaking with the lady from the Peace Corps about how they seek to educate the youth in Nicaragua, as well as when I lived with a poor Nicaraguan family for the day. I can only imagine what other experiences we will be exposed to for the rest of the trip and I’m so excited to continue changing the World!