On education day we visited two different Nica schools, Hermann Gmeiner and a Fabretto school. Gmeiner was a kind of wealthy school, but Fabretto was really poor. Fabretto was a school in the dump. We were put into different classrooms and sat through a lesson. We learned the differences and similarities between the education system of the US and Nicaragua. What hit me in the heart the most is when the students were giving us stickers and just trying to give us whatever they could find in their backpacks. What surprised me the most is when the kids got very violent for the pinata because they were so sweet in class. The person that most inspired me was Octavio, one of the leaders in the Fabretto school because he is doing it for the kids and only for the kids. He saw a need in the community and he acted on it. Being the Lider del dia was stressful because it was towards the end of the trip and people were getting anxious and don’t want to listen to anybody. What I learned about myself today is that I take things to the heart even though they are completely out of my control.