We are two days deep into this 20 day trip and it has been non-stop activities! Good thing we had delicious pancakes for breakfast to keep up our energy levels. ┬áToday was Culture day. We discussed perceptions of culture and how it is transmitted during our morning seminar. We then, headed off in a bus to the mountains where we met Alberto, an honorary citizen of Esteli. At 75 years old, Alberto is still pursuing his passion of carving his dreams and visions into rocks. The students adored him and appreciated learning about his philosophy on life and happiness. After returning to Esteli for lunch, we went to the cultural center to learn a traditional art form called Tusa. This involves cutting colorful dried corn husks into small pieces and creating a mosaic out of it. The students made beautiful cards. The artist that showed us this technique invented it himself. Our last cultural experience of the day was taking a dance class and learning the traditional Nicaraguan dance steps. The students loved having a chance to show off their formal dance skills during partner time. And they even had a cultural exchange when they taught the dance teacher the cupid shuffle. Finally, the day ended with a seminar about how to teach English classes which will be commencing tomorrow. And Jess handed off the “Leader of the Day” torch to Justin. Expect more from him tomorrow about education in Nicaragua.