IMG_5531From the E1A group in Nicaragua, hello everyone! Since I am el líder del día today, I get write the daily blog!

After our free day yesterday, we had a pretty packed day today filled with lots of fun activities! We got to learn more about different schools in Estelí and about their education systems. In our first activity, we got to shadow a high school student at a school close by the hostel we are staying in so we got to walk there. Also, since it is a Catholic school , we has to try to blend in by wearing white collared shirts and some nice black/white pants. I know a lot of us got to ask the high school students questions about the school and classes, so we all got to see a different perspective of what high school is like in a different country while learning how important it is to be thankful for our schools and education.

Next we got to visit a preschool! Everyone thought that all the little kids were adorable! I also had the honor to do some translating for our group when the instructor of the school was explaining what and how they teach their preschoolers. At the preschool we also got to participate in a dance they had prepared for us and after, we got paired up with a preschooler and got to help the little ones finger-paint on some desks. To say goodbye and thank you to the kids, we played musical chairs and had two piñatas which was a little crazy, but we pulled through it!

After that, we got to go to a different school where they had a program called Access which is an  exclusive English language after school program that is supported by the U.S government. We explained what global glimpse was about and they explained their program, and after that we played a couple of group  games in English. When we finished we finally got to go back home to the hostel! We had been out all day so we were pretty exhausted, but got re-energized by getting ready to go teach our English classes for the second time! I think we all have so much fun teaching in our English classes and we all( I know I do) feel really happy when our students remember what we taught them! It also helps motivate us that by doing this we are really making a difference in peoples lives:)

Finally, we came home to the hostel, ate dinner, had our nightly meeting, and I passed on the hat to Claudia! Had so much fun today and I hope you enjoyed this blog!

Quick S/O to my fam love you guys and miss you!

Wish others could give S/O too, but they are all asleep, we had a long day!