Hello fellow Glimpsers past and present and the supporters of them. Sorry for the cliche beginning but please bear with me since I am usually horrid at writing. Our amazing El Leader del dia was Tara. Although she woke us up a bit late, she made sure we made up for the time we lost. We had breakfast in our cute uniforms and we were on our way to Liceo Catolico Maria Auxiliadora, a secondary school in Esteli. We then split up and then were paired up with a student. Sam S. or Sammy and my student’s name was Juan Carlos.IMG_2447 Although he had a hard time finding English words to explain the Spanish words, we made it work and had nice conversations. He was a very good student and was very kind. We played futbol and volleyball with students. Although the some were scared about getting out clothes dirty on the wet and muddy concrete, we all had a great time. We then visited them in their classrooms to see how they learned and the environment of the classroom. Before we knew it, it was time to go. But, not before handing out our Facebook names to everyone.


We then went to Fundacion Cristal, a primary school that specializes in children who need special education and/or come from poor, abusive, and/or single parent families. To say it was an amazing experience was an understatement. To hear more about the primary school, please check out my co-blogger and ELDD, Tara’s blog for she will go more in depth about our experience there. From there we went back to our temporary home at the hostel and every person except me had free time for I had my leadership meeting in preparation for being ELDD tomorrow. We had an academic seminar led by our GG leader Jeannie about the commonalities and differences between education in the United States and Nicaragua. To say the facts we surprising to most would be an understatement. We finally went to Buffet Esteli for dinner were we had Nicaraguan enchiladas which weirdly resembled empanadas. Right after we went straight to a breakdancer class where we learned choreography and preformed it in a dance battle against each other.IMG_2508

Exhausted and sweaty we walked back to the hostel where we had our nightly meeting and when Tara passed down the leadership necklace down to yours truly but not before making me. show off my awesome breakdance skills first. I would like to write more but sadly I have run out of time and am being kicked off the I-pad. Stay tuned tomorrow for more blogs by Tara and me about Business day. Adios y gracias.

PS A quick thanks to Ms. Jackson for the comment. Love you and I can’t wait to see you. Be prepared for an email from me. And also Erin much love. And last but not least love to mom, dad, Victoria and the kittens Sea-moose, Crowley, and Rocket.