Hi Family and Friends! This is Abby, one of the GG leaders here. It is almost time for bedtime and our fourth day here in San Cristobal has been jam packed!!

We started our Education Day with an academic seminar after breakfast. We learned about the Dominican Republic’s literacy statistics and the drop out rates. We compared access to formal education and qualified teachers here in the DR to the US.

After our academic seminar we were visited by  Fundacion Literaria Anibal Montano (FLAM) an organization based of out San Cristobal which focuses on youth engagement centered around literacy. The instructors teach the youth to use poetry and personal narratives as a way to build their reading and writing skills. They have published several books and students were able to sit down with the young poets and create their own group poetry. After some spoken word, our guests joined us for a delicious lunch.


After lunch we were finally able to learn more about CONAMUCA!! We learned that they are a women’s empowerment group that organizes around agricultural, reproductive, and women’s rights. Lydia y Vanessa shared more about how campesina women are organizing around the country for more access to women’s health and sustainable agricultural practices. These women were amazing and they are impacting so many lives.


After some prep time, Glimpsers were finally ready to meet their students for English Tutoring. Many Glimpsers were nervous because this was many of their first time attempting to teach English. They all did a fantastic job and got the students engaged.  It has been a very long day and we are ready for some sleep because tomorrow we get to visit the Cuevas!!

Also, we will have our first two students on our delegation be El Lider Del Dia!!