Hey it’s Hector and Jose and it has been a pleasure to be the second Liders Del Dia. Today we went to shadow students in high school, which we ended up learning the difference between their education system and how our educational system works. From our personal experience, we saw that students were not engaged in learning during class. On the other hand, we were interested to see that they were a community even when they weren’t forced to be. We also tutored students in English from 6-8pm their time. It was interesting because everyone put a lot of effort to help them learn English.

What surprised me was that they weren’t allowed to to take worksheets home unless paying for them. What also surprised us was  that it wasn’t hard to make friends because they were welcoming us and not saying anything disrespectful.

What I’m most proud of, is that we adjusted to everything that was thrown to us. Sorry for the vagueness but I don’t know what to really write because most of the day I was in the moment. -Hector.

In the lobby of Colegio San Luis Gonzaga (K12 Catholic private school)

One of the most inspiring people we met today was named Olman. Olman is a student that we tutor in the afternoons. He is 14 years old and is trying to learn English. He was inspiring because although he doesn’t live near the school he attends, he managed to get there in time and to give his best. Olman was very grateful at the end when class was dismissed and he was excited for the next class.

Being the Lider del Dia was a bit difficult because it’s a challenge when two people are trying to manage something and have different ideas. However Hector and I soon got used to disagreeing and took turns leading the group. Hector woke everyone up at 5 AM and I made sure everyone’s hands were sanitized. Hector lead the walk to the school and I led the walk back.

One thing I learned about myself today was that I need to work on my collaboration skills. I am the type of person that likes to be in charge and I need to work on being able to collaborate with others. Another thing I learned is that I am extremely fortunate to attend a school that offers free education that is high quality.


Everyone was tired after getting up at 5 am to shadow a high school student!