“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Hola Familia!

We visited the rural community school, Llulludongo (F.A.E.), where we will be doing our Community Action Project. The road there was windy and steep, but with a great view of Mount Chimborazo. We met with the teachers and learned about the history of the school as well as what the school needs. It was striking how different the school was compared to the schools we have in the US. Despite the lack of resources, the students were bright and dedicated to their education. We got the chance to play with the kids and their positive energy really drove us to want to do our best for them. The students dove right into designing and brainstorming for their CAP project, disregarding their own break time!

Afterwards we went on a city tour to learn about the important historical events of Ecuador. We saw statues, visited the community marketplace, 10 de Novembre, where we bought local fruits, and finally had a taste of the local ice cream!

Aid and Development Day is tomorrow. Look forward to it!