most of the group went to the park during free time while others rested

learning about education from Katty Agurto


playing “bang” as an energizer before guest speaker

joining in a game of futbol with locals

Today was a great balance of work and play. In the morning we went to the Carlos Garbay farm to meet with the people that we will be working with for our Community Action Project(CAP). We had a seminar about the 3 Ds of CAP, Discovery, Design, and Delivery. Today was discovery. We got to tour the farm, and met another Global Glimpse group from California. After that, we got to hear from a guest speaker, Katty Argurto. She gave us lots of insight into education equality and great tips for English tutoring which we will be doing next week. Later in the day most of us went to a park two blocks away from the hotel. While we were there many of the Glimpsers participated in local soccer games and conversations with the locals. While all of us were at the park and visiting the farm, our GG Leaders were off climbing Chimborazo on a well deserved free day of their own.

At the nightly meeting we discussed the similarities and differences of education equality in Ecuador and Chicago. Katty told us that often schools in lower income neighborhoods get less quality schools because less money is allocated to them. We as a group have noticed the same pattern in schools in Chicago. She also told us that many families in Ecuador can’t afford to send their children to good schools due to low income, large families, teen pregnancies. We all are feeling grateful for the education we receive and are striving toward a more equitable community back at home. The nightly meeting discussions we have been having have been full of great conversations that we are all learning from. We have a diverse group full of different ideas and full of respect, both of which contribute to healthy conversations about race and equity and education.

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Sara and I are grateful for the opportunity to have a free day today.  Many thanks to Juan Carlos, Christina, and Emilie for taking the students through their work while Sara and I embarked on experiencing the symbol of Ecuador:  Chimborazo.  Also, many thanks to Olga who was our guide on our trek.  We got a ride to 16,000 feet, then hiked to about 17,300 feet above sea level.  Olga could have powered through without stopping, but thankfully allowed us many break to catch our breath.  Along the way, we saw vicuna amidst the breathtaking views.

the top of Chimborazo from up close

Sara and Jeff with Olga


Sara and Jeff celebrating a demanding hike

when you see snow, you have to build a snowman