Hello, my name is Diego and I was the leader of the day of August 12. I was also accompanied and had amazing help from Jaden. Today we were able to have such an amazing experience by traveling to the school, Unidad Educativa Intercultural Bilingue Ruminahui. We had an amazing host named German Hinojosa. German gave us the chance of introducing us to the different crops that are put in place in the place of Guaranda. German also gave us the wonderful chance to teach us Kichwa, he thought us the different parts of the body and how to introduce ourselves properly in Kichwa. We were also introduced to amazing Ecuadorian games named Cierra de Sambos and ensacados, also a game were two or more people would race to find out who can peel out a potato faster. Afterwards, we played a mini-game of soccer with the children, were everyone got involved. After that, we presented the host with a gift, and we gladly thanked them for giving us an amazing experience. Later on in the day, we had the chance to teach children of different ages the language of English. Some of us struggled to communicate with the students because of the language barrier, but an overall great experience with the kids and they learned amazing stuff. Afterward, we went to dinner at La Estancia where we had amazing food and, towards the end, we sang together and dance together, as a family. At the nightly meeting, we had the chance to have a really emotional moment and we came to the conclusion that no matter what kind of differences we have in the end we are all the same and equal, with love and care it will bring us far. Overall, amazing day with wonderful people.

PS. This is Jaden and I picked the pictures! Dad, there’s nothing to worry about at all. Great place in Ecuador. I found a lot of things that are really different from Ecuador then what you remember. Languages, dances, music, religion, a whole, whole lot that I can’t wait to tell you!