Today we were the first leaders of day and it was such a success. We started our day waking everyone which was extremely difficult due the fact that we struggle waking up early, however, we quickly got our mood up after eating a delicious meal at La Tortilla, which consisted of a Tortilla Francesa and fresh fruit. After breakfast we went to the community of llulumdongo and we met so many amazing people and kids from the small communities

We interviewed them so we can be able to know what they need at the small daycare.The daycare was called Pachamama and was filled with adorable kids from 1 to 4 years old. The daycare was very different compared to the ones in the US because the infrastructure was not adequate to have a quality daycare for children to improve and grow. For instance, the sinks were not functioning, there were no sinks available for children, the bathrooms were not sanitary, there were limited resources, no access to purified water, and much more. Overall, this daycare was lacking resources, and the government funding was not enough. After their interview, we played with the kids and got to know them a little.

After that we headed back to hotel and we had a discussion on what we learned and saw. We brainstormed about the school’s essential needs and the projects we could do.Then we had an amazing free time that we all enjoyed playing games and taking naps. Lastly we we had a great dinner at La tortilla which consisted of mashed potatoes and meat, and where we shared amazing stories. To end the night we passed the torch to Janvi and Joyce at the nightly meeting.