Hey Everyone!

Today we got up early (for us) at 6am for our breakfast of omelets, beans, and toast….and we had A LOT of uneaten food.  After, we had an education seminar in which we learned about education in the U.S. and Nicaragua.


Then, we went to a special education school named Escuela Especial Sutiba.  We were able to meet with students with physical and mental disabilities, and we were able to learn about their teachers’ dedication to helping their students be successful in the “real” world.  We were also able to play with the kids, and get them excited with a piñata we brought.  Many of the  Glimpsers were able to make bonds with the children.  After the visit to the school, we went to eat a lunch buffet.

Then, we went to Escuela Jacinto y Francisco, which was an orphanage.  However, Nicaraguan orphanages are different from American ones- many of the kids actually have parents, but their parents are unable to afford paying for them, so most of the kids go home on the weekends.  We were able to break a piñata with the kids, as well as play soccer and run around with the kids.  Most of us Glimpsers were able to make bonds with the kids there as well.  At both  Escuela Especial Sutiba and at Escuela Jacinto y Francisco, we  were welcomed with hugs and smiles from the children there.  After our visit, we prepared for our English classes.  Then, we had a dinner of small amounts of rice.


We then went to teach English for the first time.  For the most part, we really enjoyed our classes, except for the Glimpsers who got new classes unexpectedly.  We’re excited for shadowing students tomorrow!  (we’re hungry)