“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Question of the Day: How do limited resources and opportunities affect students’ ability to reach their future potential?

After a yummy breakfast at La Estancia, we were off to learn about education in Ecuador! We visited a school in the community of Las Gradas called Unidad Educativa Comunitaria Intercultural Bilingue Ruminahul, which is 15 minutes southeast of Guaranda. At the school, we were taught the native language of Guaranda, Kichwa, by the principal of the school, Germán. We learned numbers 1-10, 100, 1,000, and 1,000,000, in Kichwa.  It was so much fun, and some thought it was their favorite thing of the trip so far. We then took a tour of the school and learned more about our CAP (Community Action Project). For the CAP project, we will be building a barbed wire fence around the fence of the garden to preserve crops for the students’ and students families. We are excited to begin taking our first steps towards getting involved in community here in Guaranda!

Picking uvillas!

Germán giving gifts of fruit.

Learning Kichwa!

One of our kichwa lessons of the day!

In the afternoon, we engaged in our first English tutoring session. The language barrier proved to be a challenge, but there’s nothing us Glimpsers can’t overcome! Engaging with the students, who walk 2 hours to receive English classes for $3, proved to be a humbling and eye opening experience for us. The ages of the students ranged from 13 to 30. Class difficulty levels varied from beginners paired with advanced level Spanish speaking Glimpsers, to advanced level English speakers and beginning level Spanish speakers.

Getting ready to teach…can you spot the doppelgangers?

Teaching English!

Ady giving a lesson.

Some of our students!

During our nightly meeting, we were able to make connections to our own education systems through the answering of our Q.O.T.D. We pointed out how eager the students were to learn, despite adversity, and it proved to be an inspiration to us in our own academic careers. We’re excited to continue work with our students and look forward to sharing more of our journey with our families back home!

Preparing for tomorrow’s English lesson.

One of the most important takeaways from today was realizing how privileged we are. Seeing the limited resources students have in schools is eye opening. Students were still determined to learn, and that is motivation to keep trying even when we want to give up. ~Jalynn G.

I particularly enjoyed engaging with students, as I have aspirations of pursuing a career in education. I enjoyed bonding with the students and felt so blessed to be able to gain a new perspective on global education. Nosotros gustamos ensenar! ~ Carson C.