The question of the day is ” How important is education to the success of a child?” In Nicaragua, education is a big problem. There are not a lot of children who can afford to go to a secondary school, therefore their highest grade is the 6th grade. We hope by going to a school today, we can impact the lives of the students in making sure they want to go to school, and can stay in school and be successful in their lives.  Today the Global Glimpsers had fun at the Fray Oderico Primary School in San Marcos. While at Fray Oderico the Global Glimpsers shared activities from American cultural to the students, while the students at the school shared activities from Nicaraguan cultural to the Glimpsers. The students at Fray Oderica were in the grades kindergarden to the 2nd grade. They shared with songs where they learned how to count numbers. When the students were done with their piece, the Global Glimpsers taught the students how to do the “Cha Cha Slide”.



After teaching the students the “Cha Cha Slide” the three little girls taught the Global Glimpsers how to do a cultural dance that is very dear to Nicaraguan culture. It was very hard for the Glimpsers to pick up the steps, but they got the hang of it. It was real fun. After dancing with the students, the Glimpsers played some games with the students. The Glimpsers played the game “Cat and Bird”; where the cat has to try to get the bird but the students are helping the bird stay safe, so they wouldn’t let the cat into the circle. We had a very nice time. After a long day of playing and sharing activities with  the students, we headed around the school to hit two piñatas. Because Amber Celli was the birthday girl of the day, she had to hit the piñata. But before she could, the students sang happy birthday to her. It was really cute. After the students sang happy birthday, the Glimpsers sang happy birthday too. Because it was Jennifer Nguyen’s birthday the next day she had to hit the second piñata too. It was funny because the teacher who was holding up the piñatas for both Amber and Jennifer where tricking them when it was time for them to hit the piñata.


It was a nice day overall. Learning how the students come to school everyday and learn, and how they they incorporate Nicaraguan culture in their daily school lives is really amazing. We hope that we impact the lives of the students as much as they impacted our lives today. To all the families in the states, we miss you very much and want you to know that we are enjoying our time here in Nicaragua. We love you!!!!!