Today was our fourth day on our global glimpse adventure. We woke up bright and early at 6:30 to start our very busy day. We started the day with a seminar on education in America versus the education here in Nicaragua. It was very interesting how education here is valued so much. After our seminar we took the bus down to Sutiaba and we were lucky enough to go inside the church and see the beautiful sun in the church. After that we went to visit the Special Education school in the area and it was such a beautiful experience. The children were so nice and willing to talk and everyone had a blast playing on the playground with the kids too. We got to see the special services that were offered to them, such as practical skills like cooking and gardening. After visiting the special education school we went to the central school in Sutiaba that serves primary school and secondary school. The children there were also very friendly and the principal was very willing to educate us on Nicaraguan education. The school was very big but it was amazing to see how much greenery was in the school yard.

When we came back from the school tours we got another amazing lunch at our Comedor Deja Vu. After that we went back to the hostel and got our first look at our Community Action Project that we are all excited to start working on tomorrow. After a small prep time we went to teach our first English class. I was very nervous going into the tutoring, not really knowing what to expect, but I like the rest of our group, were greeted with open arms by our many, mostly adult, english students. It was so great to see their excitement to learn English and how engaged they all were. The unity clap at the end of the tutoring session re-energized us with the excitement from all the students. Today was very educational from all perspectives.