[Posted one day late because of internet issues!]

Hi!  It’s Briana and Kaitlyn!  We are today’s Lideres Del Dia!  After having a late curfew last night, we got to sleep in until 8am this morning.  We started off by having breakfast together.  We invited the kitchen staff to the group- they work tirelessly every day to keep our bellies full and put smiles on our faces.  Today was our first free day in Las Tablas!  Since we have been walking around town with the adult leaders for the past week, we got to finally go out by ourselves (in groups of four).  Some of us headed out to the internet cafe but that and literally all of the other stores were closed (today is Sunday!).  We still found so many ways to have fun. 

We reconvened for lunch and picked up our laundry down the street (yay, clean clothes!).  After lunch we got the opportunity to go out again.  Some of us went to the basketball courts, others stayed back and relaxed and bonded with new friends over card games and Madlibs.  We were all set to call home on WhatsApp today but there was a power surge that zapped all five routers in the hotel!  We had no internet or working hotspots and our GGLs were not happy as they troubleshooted for the better part of the day.  Not everyone who was scheduled to call home was able to so we will try again tomorrow!  (Parents/families: PLEASE download WhatsApp so we don’t have to go on a wild goose chase on social media to track you down!  We want to talk to you!) 

Before our English planning session there was an intense downpour!  Many people got caught in the rain running back from their adventures.  They were soaked to the bone!  Some of us had dinner at the hotel but since it was our free day, we were allowed to venture out and eat the local cuisine (McDonalds) for dinner.  We all ate very well.  After dinner, we continued work on our CAP projects.  Tomorrow we are presenting our three main ideas to the locals of Nuario where we will be executing the projects.  We are presenting a business plan tomorrow morning to them.

We headed to Ifarhu for English tutoring at 7pm in the rain.  On Sunday nights, students travel from where they live to spend the next week at school at Ifarhu.  Since it was still dinnertime and raining, we only had 25 out of the 50 or so we usually have.  We prepared a more traditional reading/writing lesson as well as a kinesthetic activity and divided the students into two groups to engage in the activities.  It didn’t go exactly as planned but we kept our energy up regardless. 

We came back to Hotel Piamonte and had our nightly meeting.  We are so excited about our business presentations tomorrow that we are currently still working on perfecting our presentations.  Spencer and Nadia will let you know how we did on tomorrow’s blog post!

We miss you and love you all!  Have a great night!

Kaitlyn and Brian