After we struggled to get up, we were rewarded with a very nice breakfast of toast and warm milk. After breakfast, we learned some highlights regarding the history of Ecuador. We reviewed the Global Glimpse rules and Cultural differences between Ecuador and the US before walking around the city with our Global Glimpse Leaders and Program Coordinators in a local scavenger hunt for famous local sites, during which we got able to interact with the kind locals and do some window-shopping. The stuffed alpaca was particularly popular.

For lunch we had a delicious snack called cholas, bread stuffed with brown sugar. We then returned to the hostel to prepare our first lessons for teaching English to some of the locals.

For dinner we learned to make delicious empanadas from scratch. Students took turns hand-making beef, chicken, and cheese empanadas and playing an exhilarating game of soccer at high altitude. While waiting for the empanadas to cook, we got to learn about and try various local fruits, the dragonfruit was quite popular. We also got ceviche as an appetizer before enjoying our handmade empanadas. We came back tired but excited for our nightly meeting where our next Leaders of the Day showed us their talents. Iris demonstrated her ability to make one of her nostrils flare, and Mabel presented the American Sign Language Alphabet. All in all it was another great day in Ecuador. Look forward to our delegation’s next post tomorrow, composed by Iris and Mabel.

– Julisa and Jacquelyn, The Courageous First Leaders of the Day