Today was our glimpsers first experience teaching english to locals. We had many different groups from more advanced adults to young children who have never used the language. It was a great challenge yet very rewarding for our glimpsers to experience the joys of education.

This was our first breakfast at cafe del tran. Quinoa is a staple grain here and it made a wonderful addition to our fresh fruit cup.20160803_073826

Pictured below is our safety orientation from today. (trust us it is much more fun than it sounds).  In groups we demonstrated scenes that show how to live together as a community. It was a great way to come together and make sure that the next few weeks go smooth and we bond as a group

After a wonderful lunch from Isabella and her staff at Roma Santo, we did some prep for our first lesson of english for locals. Glimpsers thought out of the box and really put there thought and heart into a learning experience that there students would engage in. There were many challenges in this as this was the first lesson planning experience for most of our glimpsers.

We met our amazing bus driver Juanito for the first time today who took part in the english classes as well!

Our first true culture shock was our arrival at our school site where students of all ages came to take english learning from our glimpsers. The school building was very different from schools that they attended.


After the intial frustrations and fears, we all found it to be a very rewarding experience and have learned many things about being an educator in just one session! One of our groups even incorporated musical chairs into the learning experience

20160803_163010 (1)

This is just the tip of the iceberg as we embark on another adventure tommorow!