This morning we had one last early 6 am wake up call, we ate breakfast and then headed out for our last day of English tutoring. We taught   our last lesson and then ended class with good byes, photos, and one last game. From there we headed out to the hostel changed quickly in to our appropriate clothes and headed out to the farm for the last day of CAP. We got work finishing the walls, installing the trash can we built, and finishing the concrete walkways, around 12:30 students from Carlos Garbay school went to the farm and preformed a dance to demonstrate their gratitude for all our hard work. We then ate lunch and then got hard work. Around 2 pm we finished and started to cleaning up. In total we concrete walkways, made and installed 6 trashcan, made 5 murals, painted 5 additional walls white and planted approximately 400 plants. We ended our hard work with pictures, a couple o tears and finals good byes to Don Mauricio and Don Wilson and the students who work full time at the farm. We comeback to la Primavera for what would be our last trip with our amazing drivers, took more pictures and said our final good bye.