Hey friends and family!

Environment day was an extremely informative day. We woke up early and made our way to Playa el Uverito, where our beach clean up would take place. Being a Monday, we encountered a fair amount of garbage from weekend festivities, but overall the beach was beautiful. The group was determined to find every piece of plastic, styrofoam, and glass but that didn’t stop us from making a friend! A local dog of playa el Uverito joined us, which we named Oscar. He was extremely friendly and kept our spirits up in the hot sun.

After returning to the hotel for lunch, we went straight off to our first session of English tutoring! During our first class, we quickly realized the challenges of teaching, but also how to cross language barriers. As teachers, we assumed a new perspective, and hopefully further motivated our students to return tomorrow. Throughout the day many new bonds were made, at the beach with our group as we cleaned, with our new friend Oscar, and with our English classes. Overall we learned a massive amount today, about the environment, teaching and our group.