My name is Helana Gendy and I choose to be the Lider del Dia (LDD) on environmental day because it is something I am really passionate about, but what I didn’t know is that my entire delegation is environmentally aware. Cleaning Monagre beach today was rewarding for most people because they realized how big of a difference they can make if they just take the first step.








Another great thing that we started today was English tutoring. English tutoring was thought to be a challenge by many of the Glimpsers, but was actually eye opening. Everyone got a chance to connect with the locals, while teaching them English. Being bilingual in Panama is very important because of the fact that 93% of the business here are in the service industry. For example, hotels, restaurants, etc. Getting to teach English gives locals a chance at a better life, and a higher income because they can apply for higher positions that require them to speak English. Being part of that effort was eye opening for everyone because we realized what a difference we can make.

Bonus: This was my talent to become LDD

Saving the World One Trash Bag At A Time

14 ambitious student leaders helped save the world by cleaning Monagre beach on June 13th, helping jump start a new environmental world wide movement called pequenas acciones, which means small actions. This movement is created to encourage everyone to take small steps to create bigger impacts. It is unbelievable how these 14 students can help inspire hundreds more, maybe won’t kill the planet after all.