Hello to whoever is reading our blog. Today we had an exciting last day of work; we visited Oficina De Medio Ambiente which is a forest conservation and protection organization. We had a lot of fun learning about tree conservation and protection in the Dominican Republic. After a short seminar, we went straight to work learning how the reforestation process works. We started by preparing the soil for the seeds to be planted, we moved to planting the seeds and observing the germinating plants, and finally after lunch we went on weeding the plants. We spent most of the day there and after we had some free time. Later in the day we went to a very nice hotel, Alto Cerro, where we had a lovely dinner and got to meet the amazing Executive Director of Global Glimpse, Eliza Pesuit. We had fun talking to her and other Global Glimpse staff, Marcela and Carina. We also played a little bit of soccer and enjoyed a wonderful sunset. We left and went back to the hotel Mi Casa and that was our day.