Today everyone had to wake up at 5:15 in the morning, trust me, getting up was the one thing nobody looked forward to; as we continue to get used to the early wake up call,  a classic breakfast at Alfreditos sure hit the spot. After a refreshing breakfast, we traveled to the cold gated walls of a building and upon entering, we were greeted with the most lush and serene garden inside the white hallways of Esteli’s private academy. We were assigned a student within the academy  and everyone began to separate from each other. Being with my students Emilio and Paula sure made my day. During the whole entire conversation, they asked me about my life and music, along with the question if I listened to Snoop Dogg or Wiz Kalifa.  Not only did i meet Emilio and Paula but also Mario, this guy couldn’t speak English at all but he sure made me laugh.

Being a student made me realize how schools in the United States are different than the schools we see all around the country. Learning about the students lives and careers really taught me and many individuals to not waste the precious value of an education.

Later in the day, we began teaching local students how to speak English which made up for everything because someone is putting in time and effort to be with you. Everyone including myself was in a slump throughout the day but I must say, one of the many things throughout the trip I wont forget about is this: Being a teacher is not easy.

I would say more, But Bed time is now, bye!