Hi Everyone.

This is Samy, Sandy, Juliete, and our beautiful teacher and typist, Zorina.  (That’s just a joke:–hi everyone!)  We are juniors at Woodisde High School, and we just finished (this minute!) Workshop #5, so we looked at the photojournalist’s essay about Nicaragua.  Everything looked open and different.  The streets just don’t look like they do here, and it seems less regulated than cities in the U.S.  And there is so much more beautiful farmland—not just buildings like here in Redwood City.  Here is a little bit about us—Samy just went to the dentist so we will honestly say that you are going to love her.  Samy is outgoing, and friendly and funny.  We are so lucky to have her on our trip.  Juliette is all of those good things too plus she is awesome at volleyball.  Sandy is a little quieter, but she has so many good qualities, and we will have so much fun together   We are so excited to meet everyone (maybe in San Francisco beforehand—definitely in Nicaragua).