Hola Esteli Julio 24th โ€“ Augusto 13th!
So Erik and I have touched base with you guys via e-mail and phone now itโ€™s time to check out our new home. The GG blog! This is where your family and friends can see all of the amazing experiences we will be living while in Esteli! Also we will put flight and packing info here as well.
Speaking of which, lets get started with some basics here :)
  • Do you have a current passport? (must be valid for 6 months from departure date
  • Airport arrival? When, that would be at 3:15AM on July 24th, yup maybe not bright but definitely early!
  • One piece of luggage with personal items up to 50lbs. ( You can bring one more piece of luggage filled with donations only also).
  • Some packing essentials: Halogen water bottle, a day pack, Hiking shoes, rain-gear, bug spray, and sunscreen!
  • And lastly talk to your parents about the details and if there are any questions have them e-mail or call us. Our emails are [email protected] & matthew.s.jost@gmail and Phone Numbers (Erik) 510-364-6517 & (Matt)302-438-2215.

Get HYPE the countdown has begun! Hasta pronto!

Matt & Erik