Hello everyone!

We had a lovely time doing some planning yesterday over some plantains and other caribbean food, and we are so excited to meet each of you!  Here’s a little bit of information about each of us:


Helene teaches science at El Cerrito High School, and this will be her second trip with Global Glimpse, having gone last year to Esteli.  She loves singing, dancing, anything involving water, young people and travelling.  She is soo pumped for our trip to the DR and is excited for all of the new experiences and conversations we will share together.


Christina teaches history at LPS Richmond and is looking forward to her first trip with Global Glimpse this summer!  She loves to travel and has lived abroad in South America in the past. She wanted to be a Global Glimpse leader because their trips perfectly combine her three greatest passions: education, travel, and international development work. She is so excited about meeting everyone and can’t wait for the trip!


Clearly, we have already started having fun together in our planning time, and we are ready to keep it up on our trip.  We’ll be in touch shortly to introduce ourselves, and we hope you can make it out to our meet-up!


Where: Ike’s Sandwiches in Oakland

When: Tuesday, June 9 at 5:30pm

We’ll then be walking down to the lake to enjoy our food and get to know each other.  Parents are welcome too!