Dear NY Global Glimpsers and Leaders!

Have you packed everything you need already? Don’t forget to pack your best attitude and will power, also!

We cannot wait to meet each one of you and share the next 19 days together in San Juan de la Maguana!

As you might already know from the previous delegation’s blog posts, you will experience amazing new things here as you work, explore and meet locals in their different work and living environments.

Also, our local Dominican youth ambassadors have been anticipating your arrival and want you to know they are here to make this trip the best experience you have ever had in your lives!

Can you think of creative and fun ideas to celebrate the 4th of July while here in San Juan!? Well we have already thought of some surprises for you, too!

So, as you get ready to head to the Dominican Republic, and say goodbye to friends and family, be ready and open about what is to come in the next two and a half weeks. Give it your best shot and spirits! Don’t be shy, and don’t feel like a stranger, because everyone here is thrilled to receive a new delegation, and for the first time from NYC! So, let them know what a true New Yorker really is all about!

Save travels! We can’t wait to meet you in the airport!