“It doesn’t matter how long the friendship is, it’s the quality that matters” – Unknown

Today was the first free day for the group and we took advantage of it by exploring the city with our GG Ambassadors. It was really interesting to see the city from a local teenager’s perspective and uncover one another’s views of the world. While venturing across the town, multiple groups paired up with each another and we continued on together for a shared experience. The glimpsers utilized this “explore time” to do various activities such as buying souvenirs from the gift shops, cracking jokes with the fellow ambassadors, and playing sports with the locals. I’d say that this day was well spent and incredibly eye-opening at the same time; the most illuminating moment came part way through our exploration of the city.

While venturing into San Juan, we visited a locally popular ice cream shop to quell the dehydration and heat. As we arrived, we had met a young boy who was alone and seemed to speak no Spanish. We came to find out that he was in fact a Haitian immigrant who had traveled across the border by himself and had been living alone in a park. Our compassionate hearts sought to serve his needs and we provided him with some pesos, food, and a few bottles of water. Afterwards, we discovered a community center where he could seek shelter and receive food and aid.

To sum it up, as we had our fun for the day, we were also able to acknowledge the fact that some struggle to survive and us glimpsers can only do our best to help serve the people around us.