Hello friends and family,

Today was our first Free Day where we get to go out and explore Guaranda. We started the day off by waking up at 7:30 a.m. and headed over to Criss where we ate eggs and plantains to kickstart our morning. After breakfast we split off into groups and went around the city. Majority decided to have a fun day of games and photos at a park. We made our way there by climbing a huge flight of stairs and somehow survived.

A couple of Glimpsers decided to play basketball while others decided to play a casual game of volleyball. Some of the boys also had a blast playing soccer with our Program Coordinator, Camilo. Another group wanted to spend some time going to some internet cafés and reconnect with their families by calling home. Then, many Glimpsers took a trip to the supermarket and bought some delicious snacks such as: cookies, wafers, chips, and loads of ice cream to balance out the hot day. Some also tried some different local fruits at the open air market nearby. Following the exploration of the city, we headed out to lunch at our regular spot, Feroz, and had some soup that was followed by a meal of salad, rice, and chicken or fish omelette.

Soon after finishing lunch we headed back to the hotel and started our preparation for our presentation of our Community Action Project (CAP) tomorrow. Our CAP project is a community effort to help the Fundación Betesda build their sanctuary for people who are seeking help and treatment for various health issues. We are pitching the idea of using all our hands that our group of 35 can lend to help build the house as a community to benefit the people of Guaranda.

Afterwards we headed over to Verbo Divino, a local Catholic school in Guaranda, to start our first English tutoring lesson. We were quite nervous at first because we didn’t know what to expect or if we were prepared enough. However, we still had a great time and experience. We spent two hours teaching the students of all ages at Verbo Divino various levels of English; some started off the lesson by playing some games and ice breakers to get to know the students a little bit better. After the lessons we headed back to Criss, our regular dinner spot, and ate a plate of rice and vegetables with meat or beans.





We ended the day with our nightly meeting and passed over the torch to the new leaders of the day for tomorrow. And we are so excited and looking forward to going back to Salinas tomorrow so we can explore the Salt Mines and learn more about deconstructing poverty.



P.S. Hello Mama, Dede, Ayu, and Tooni. I am missing you guys very much, but I have been having a lot fun here in Guaranda. We have a very busy schedule, so sorry if I haven’t called yet, but it is very fun and I am having such a great time experiencing the culture and supporting the communities here. Love you <3!! Also say hi to Dorothy, and tell her that I miss her. OKAY BYEEEEEEE!

P.P.S. Hi Mom and Grandma!! I miss you guys so much. I’ve been having so much good food here in Guaranda!! I can’t wait to get into Quito to post all of my food photos. I figured out exactly what fresh fruits and vegetables should really taste like. Once I get back into the States I’m definitely going to miss the freshness that is only found here in Guaranda! Love you guys, tell Beignet I miss him!! <3 XOXO