Hello to the families of fellow Glimpsers

Today the 29th was a “Free Day”, this means that students in groups of four or more got to explore the city of Guaranda. This was a chance for us all to visit shops and interact with the locals. There were two groups that went and bought supplies for the CAP project which will be executed over the next three days. The supplies that we bought today were paint and shelving for the school (FAE). Today a lot of the glimpsers purchased gifts and clothing for their families and themselves (see the Llama themed jackets below). Another unique part of today was the Teaching situation. We had the students come to the hotel for their tutoring. This is because the school we used prior to today were being uncooperative and the hotel was kind enough to lend us the common area. Surprisingly, this change didn’t hurt our number of attendees, in fact, we had more people come than usual.  Another big part of today was the food, a number of students went to a local Crepe shop, themed after Paris. The big favorite was Nutella with strawberries, bananas, and vanilla ice cream! Overall I had a busy yet enjoyable time being the Leader of the day. See you on the 3rd. -Carson B.