Today was our second and last free day of the trip. So sad! Throughout the week we have worked really hard to complete our CAP project, so it was really nice to get a chance to relax and explore more of Leon before we leave.

We got a chance to sleep in a little bit more, so we woke up more energized and ready to walk trough Leon and see more of the city. In the morning, we got to do laundry, and then many of us headed to El Desayunazo (a favorite restaurant in our delegation) to eat breakfast. As usual, the food was really good and did not cost a lot of money, which is always a plus! After that, we went to Leon’s central market where we all spent some time searching out what to buy as souvenirs for our family and friends. We bargained a lot with the owners of the souvenir stands we were at and got a lot of good deals! Our group then decided to get some ice cream (yay!) and go back to the hostel to rest a bit and drop off what we bought.

When we found out there was a movie theater nearby, many of us wanted to go see a movie! It was very interesting that the movie that we watched was actually in English with subtitles in Spanish. After the movie, as we continued to walk through the city, we stopped at a church and got to admire the architecture and take a lot of pictures to remember this day.

Out for smoothies!

Out for smoothies!

We then ate dinner at Quiero Mas and went out for smoothies afterwards. It was nice to walk around Leon at night because the weather was really nice, much cooler! Since we split up into a few groups during the day, many other people did similar things but at different times. Others mostly stayed at the hostel and were able to just relax. It was nice to hear that everyone had fun today and got to do their own activities. I was glad that everyone returned to the hostel safe and on time and so were the leaders! 🙂 After our nightly meeting, many of us spent the rest of our evening finishing writing our letters to the generous people that donated to our trip to thank them for doing so. As El Lider Del Dia, it was nice to see people have fun and enjoy more of Leon, and just getting to see more of the Nicaraguan culture was amazing. We all really enjoyed spending time together and exploring the city before we depart in only few days!