The day started with a seminar on the history of Nicaragua which was followed by a tour of the city by our program leaders Norman and Asha.  They went into further detail about Nicaraguan history by visiting various murals, explaining the significance of the Catedral San Pedro.  We also checked out the Parque Morazán which is the central park of Matagalpa.  While on the tour, the students were surprised at they were the center of attention by the young people of the city.  The children wanted to practice their English.  We stopped for ice cream and the students were surprised that there were so many flavors to select.

After our lunch, Doña Sonia joined us for a informative discussion of her experience as a revolutionary fighter during the Nicaraguan civil war.  She joined us on the bus trip to Cerro Calvario (which is one of the highest hills in town and it means way to the cross).  Once we reached the top of the hill, we were treated to fantastic views of the city and an oncoming rainstorm.  Luckily for us, there was shelter and inside the shelter we heard the story of Doña Sonia.  Students actively asked questions as they heard the story of her life.  She was inspirational and taught them courage, compassion, and commitment as a woman who fought for justice and peace for the people of Nicaragua.

We returned to the hostel for dinner and student self-reflections of the day.  The students indicated they were appreciative of the city tour and what they heard from Doña Sonia.  Outside of a few mosquito bites they are well.

Parents, your Glimpser would like for you to know that he or she misses you and would like to speak with you, however one of the goals of the Global Glimpse program is for them to practice their independence and become totally involved in the culture of Nicaragua.  They will be calling you Thursday and will be allowed to speak to you as long as they wish.