Spending time in a country or city should always involve exploring its identity and uniqueness. Living in a hotel, swimming in Clorox filled pools, and drinking martini’s leaves you close minded. In a country everyone should immerse their self in the cultural traditions of its people. Furthermore, it is pointless to visit another country just to spend your time doing things you could do in any resort or hotel. There is more than just nice beaches and warm weather to the Central and South American countries. Global Glimpse allowed me and my wonderful group to explore the unique traditions, lifestyle and identities of the amazing Nicaraguan people.

First we started our day by devouring a wonderful breakfast, a variety of juicy fruits, with the addition of homemade pancakes soaking with the famous Aunt Jamima Syrup. After, we took a walk to the museum Mitos y Leyendas; in which a tour guide introduced us to the many Nicaraguan Legends. The legends were funny, interesting and startling. For instance, we learned about the legend of two dogs, a black one and a white one. The black one is the dog of misfortune, and kills you when you see it; the white dog is the dog of good fortune. Finding it would offer a person protection and prosperity throughout their entire life.


20150707_11511120150707_170423We then traveled to Sutiava Taller Xuxhialt by the Nicaraguan public bus. The bus is a main form of transportation all of Nicaragua; my group and I experienced the hectic and lively chaos of city transportations that Nicaraguans have come to love. When our Global Glimpse group arrived to Sutiava Taller Xuchialt we learned a famous tradition of Nicaraguan families called Sawdust Carpeting; in which we took colored sawdust and decorated the beautiful carpet in a span of one hour. We then destroyed the carpet – together – as a family. The tradition taught us a lesson – the most valuable things in life don’t last forever, they are distant memories that you look back on and cant help but smile. The sawdust carpet was in the world for only minute, but will be with us forever. The sawdust carpeting was topped off with a musical performance by talented art instructors from the Sutiava Taller Xuxhialt.


We enjoyed every moment of the day and continued our journey by walking back to the Hostel where we would then  take a vigorous Salsa class. The entire group was energetic and overly excited, we enjoyed the lively vibe of the dance teacher that quickly spread around the room, despite the raging heat. Overall, the day was amazing and memorable. We broke through boundaries as a group and felt more like family rather than just a group of kids who happened to share a hostel in a foreign country. The day was amazing, and it makes me and my group look forward to the days that follow.20150707_164746