The first step of helping create change is to discover and immerse yourself in the culture.

I was “El Lider del Dia” today and got to experience the roses and thorns of taking charge of this wonderful group of people.

Today, we got to experience the good that a community has done in helping keep children off the streets.  We visited Vida Joven today, an organization in the city of Jinotega that provides fun recreational activities to make sure that the future of Nicaragua does not make poor decisions during their youth.  There, we were exposed to the new and fun parts of culture of Nicaragua.

We took a hike around the area and absorbed the beauty of the environment around us, as well as doing other fun activities like playing basketball with the community, soccer, and canoeing.  All of us bonded as a group and learned so much about what the culture is like here.

Nicaragua does have a lot to offer and I think everyone should be able to take part in such a wonderful experience.

~ Colin Wang


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