Throughout today’s Ecuadorian journey we have become more united as a family being there for each other and being able to solve problems that we come to face. Some of the biggest challenges that we faced today were being more open minded about our surroundings and making sure we become more flexible because it was the first free day. This forced us to understand the open schedule and what people wanted to do throughout the day.


Separating into three groups of nine with our Global Glimpse leaders we did an activity called the Human Knot. This activity is one where everyone stands in a circle and grabs two other hands. Their goal is to untangle themselves without letting go of each other. This game was a metaphor for us while we are here because as things get tangled up, we work together to allow things to fall back into place.

Today, we got a chance to experience a sleepy Ecuadorian Sunday. In contrast to yesterday in which the city was loud, chaotic, and wide awake, today we encountered many closed doors and quiet streets. We assume that people were taking the day off, sleeping in, or attending church services. However, we did find a few open stalls and other Glimpsers from New York and California at Plaza Roja. Many of us purchased ponchos, bag, key chains, sweaters, bracelets and other gifts.

After purchasing souvenirs at Plaza Roja and lunch, we made our way to the internet café. This was quite the struggle, but Mrs. Pam found the way #workitgirl. One of the biggest achievements of the day was us being able to freely show our feelings after our phone calls to our loved ones. Besides a challenge it was a realization to others how much they actually missed their parents after just a few minutes into the phone call. Them realizing their special bond that they have with their families back at home helped create stronger connection knowing how important they are in their lives, while strengthening our Global Glimpse family here in Ecuador. Overall this helped us continue to appreciate the little things that we have in life #attitudeofgratitude.

During dinner everyone was enjoying the company of each other, sharing laughs and thoughts, and creating memories together as a family. Starting off the trip with little to no knowledge about everyone in Global Glimpse the past six days we have bonded with each other while creating friendships that we hope to maintain after this experience in Ecuador #thememorieswillliveon4ever.

Daniela Antunez – Noble Street College Prep

Geo Pallares – Lindblom Math and Science Academy