What’s up buttercups!?

Today was our first free day, after many days of busy and intense schedules. For the past couple of days we’ve been waking up at 7:00am or earlier, but today we were given the opportunity to wake up from 8:30 to 10:00am. We had a buffet style breakfast, and finally got to do our laundry.

We then had free time, but had to spend it preparing our proposals for the Community Action Project (CAP). We collectively decided to build a volleyball court for a sports club among other options. Each Glimpser was put into one of four groups: Building, shopping, working with kids, and the opening. Each group then made a poster for their proposal, and presented it to the other groups. The builders put together a general plan for what the volleyball court would look like and the materials needed, while the group for shopping put together a more specific list of materials, with prices and budget. The group that is working with kids put together a proposal for activities for the kids to do while the CAP project will be worked on, and the opening group worked on a proposal for the grand opening of the volleyball court. In addition to working on the CAP proposals, we also had the chance to call our loved ones.

After that, we had time to explore the city again. Some people went to the internet café, while others got to do some shopping.

After our explore time, we got ready to leave for our second class of English tutoring. Our students have been very engaged in learning English, and are all actively participating.

We then came back to the hostel, and got to share a meal with one of our youth ambassadors. Finally, we closed out the night with our nightly meeting.

Love from all of the Glimpsers, and goodbye from the Dominican Republic!