SAN.. JUAN!! The majority of our time today was spent helping Guanito with the Community Action Project (CAP). Most of our peers can agree that Guanito is a new loving home, filled with a lot of green grass and tall trees that provided shade and cool breeze on a hot day. Our view consisted of goats roaming around shouting BAHHHHAAAH, as well as majestic butterflies inches away from our eyes.


Sadly, today was the last day we shared with the community of Guanito. Despite not being able to finish the CAP, we all tried our very best. The circumstances led us to learn crucial life lessons, such as communication. Communication is definitely key! Everything ran smoothly because of the communication amongst each other and locals improved over the past three days.






Thanks to the determination and encouragement that everyone gave, we got to put cement and blocks as a border for the volleyball court. Every little help we got was a push to the finish line. We all played a role, whether it be big or small. They ranged from laying out the cement foundation, carrying buckets of water, mixing cement, and entertaining the kids. Many of us stepped out of our comfort zone by asking for different tasks that we could help in.

A local name Ramon Jose, was a very inspiring person today as well as the other days. He showed many virtues such as dedication and perseverance. He was a hard working young man who pulled through in rigorous situations. At the very end of the CAP, he thanked all of us for our time and effort. Another memorable local was named Katherine, who is a very shy person but got out of her shell as time passed, which ended up being a prominent reason why so many girls helped with labor for the project.

By the end of our project, we realized that we accomplished so much more than we expected. Being the Leaders of the Day today made us realize that leadership consists of stepping up and being a role model for the sake of each other. We portrayed leadership by being selfless while being compassionate to locals and Glimpsers. We led by example and we checked up on each other.

Later in the day, we headed to teach our final lesson to the English learners. Every class celebrated differently. Some classes threw potlucks and dances to enjoy their last day of class. Overall, we ended the CAP and tutoring strong.

This is our second-to-last-day of our trip and so far it will be an unforgettable experience. We will miss our forever home Guanito! <3 Our gratitude goes toward the locals of Guanito and our English learning scholars. A big part of our hearts will forever stay in San Juan De La Maguana.