Wednesday’s theme was EDUCATION.  We began the day w/ a trivia game pertaining to statistics of education from the US and Nicaragua.  Then we packed in (literally! – see pic) to “El Bibliomovil” (the Mobile Library) and headed to an elementary school.  This is part of a social movement to bring literacy skills to rural areas in the spirit of empowering their citizens further.  We were greeted by a swarm of enthusiastic kids.  The teachers shared their visions and intentions for their community and later performed a few musical numbers.  We also had a chance to play various games w/ the kids such as jump rope, soccer, coloring and endless face painting!  During the other half of the day, we visited a high school campus called Access. The glimpsers exchanged stories on teen/school life from our respective cultures. It was so awesome to see them relate to other teenagers and discover so much common ground. It was a delightful bonding experience and we were thoroughly impressed w/ the energy in the room. Super magnifico! 🙂

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