Hey guys! It’s Zoe, Jordan, Aileen, and Diego and we are here to talk about our official last day in Riobamba!!!! We started the day off at our favorite spot, Isabel’s, for breakfast. After we ate breakfast, we took a two-hour trip to Baños which is the entrance to the Amazon Rainforest. While there, we saw the most beautiful waterfall the world has EVER SEEN! During the walk, Jordan conquered her biggest fear which is heights 😜. Unfortunately, after being splashed by the waterfall, we had to walk AAAALLLL the way back up the stairs. Once we made it back up, we took a trip to a restaurant called Leprechaun 🍀. There we ate: 🍝🍚🍰. Later, we explored the Baños market where Zoe got scammed 😭 while Diego haggled with a vendor who was trying to take advantage of foreigners with high prices. Then, we headed back to the hotel where Jordan face-planted on the bus🙀 (don’t worry, I’m ok). We went to the Nativa Gastronamia Ecuatoriana restaurant where the chef named Cezar showed us many different types of fruits that all tasted wonderful. 🍈🥭 For dinner we ate sweet and sour ribs on top of a sweet risotto and yam on the side, as well as a Ecuadorian Horchata.🍖🧃 Lastly we went back to the hotel for our last official Nightly Meeting 🥲. It’s finally starting to sink in that the trip is coming to an end 🥺 🤯. Tomorrow we will be doing our final goodbyes and heading to the airport 🚀. We will miss Annie Bannanie and Pookie Paco so much. See ya’ll soon 🤟🫶🏖️

Special shoutout to Jacob for getting older!!! Throughout the day, the PCs, GGLs, staff, and his friends handed him flowers every hour🌺 He received a total of 36 flowers today!! Feliz Cumpleaños Jacob 🎂