Saludos desde Panamá!

Today Diana and I had the opportunities to be Líderes del día. We learned so much today! we learned that planting trees is harder than it looks, we learned the importance of patience and hard work, and we learned that working together, you can accomplish many things!

Today was our final day of the CAP project! We were joined by a group of local (younger) teenagers from Las Tablas. It was a little intense to see so many teenagers with their phones out! It was a reflection of how we may have been with our phones before. But, since we’ve been away from technology for so long now, it kind of feels toxic to see so many screens instead of people interacting with each other.  We actually love the feeling of not having our phones! (We do miss having cameras, but really..) We’re making stronger connections and bonds and are super thankful for having this experience and being exposed to challenges (like giving up our phones!) that have pushed us to become better people with a different mentality.

Through this reforestation project, we met all types of people! We enjoyed talking to the landowners.  Sr. Gerardino seriously looks like one of the happiest people in the world.  We felt welcomed and humbled by their kindness. Sr. Anibal was always present and helpful though a quiet guy. Hector, who helps those guys out, was very strong, helpful and encouraging! Each day we were cooked great meals by families who live nearby. (Don’t worry! Kitchens were approved!)

In the past three days, we’ve planted over 800 trees (with the help of community members and volunteers too!) We got the work done because we all supported and motivated each other to keep working and take breaks as needed in the hot humid weather!

We are most definitely looking forward to spending our fun day at Playa Venao tomorrow!

Teamwork makes the dream work!!

I want to say thank you again to all of the locals, volunteers,  PCs, GGLS, and Pro Eco Azuero (Aka Ruth) for making this project happen!!!

¡Ciao familia! See you in 4 days!

PS I love and miss you mom and dad! (even though you won’t read this til I show you! hahaha) (¡Los quiero mucho!) – Abigail

¡Abrazos familia! Los quiero mucho – Diana