It was a bright and sunny day. We all are excited to have finally finished our community action project. In the span of three days, we have been able to execute three projects: varnishing the play structure, painting a mural, and cleaning up the garden. Luckily as a group we were also able to provide funds to donate to German Abdo school to cover the fees for the classroom windows and to the elderly home,  Proyecto de Desarollo Integral Adulto Mayor San Juan. As a group, we felt very accomplished. We reflected upon what it feels like to give back and the impressions we left towards the end. We talked about committing to more service projects in our communities when we return home.

Many felt that this experience changed their perspective on the reality of what life is like back in the United States versus here in Ecuador. The fact that we (as Americans) feel more entitled in receiving service from others compared to the locals who showed us so much gratitude because of our 3-day project is mind boggling. RB2C, as a whole, is grateful for the memorable experience that we had. Finishing the CAP project made us feel proud and excited knowing that the upcoming school year will hold a few surprises for the kids. The passion and commitment that the Director and the staff gives to improve the environment for the students inspires us to advocate for a better education and support globally.

  1. Being Lider Del Dia together (Nadia and Kimberly), brought us closer to the group and allowed us to practice our leadership skills. It was a fun experience being able to make the day ours knowing that we were able to enforce our ideas to the group. Today, it further reassured our capability and confidence in ourselves and others. Though it may be our last full day here in Ecuador, we all are wholeheartedly appreciative of the good times and the hardships that have come our way.