Hi Everyone,

It is sad to say the time has come, our journey is coming to an end. To end our wonderful trip we started the day off bright and early, waking up at 7:00am. We started with breakfast, then we got ready to leave our humble home. To start off our journey of the day, we stopped by a local business called the “Yellow House” that had beautiful pottery, clothing, sandals, jewelry, etc. All items that are handmade. After, we traveled for four hours to Panama City, stopping for lunch at Nikos Cafe which was a buffet style of delicious Panamanian food. Once we finished our lunch we finally visited the Panama Canal! It was such an amazing experience, we all had a great time walking through the exhibits and actually getting to see the canal and learning the history behind it. To add to the experience, it started pouring and loud thundering.

Once we left the canal we were on our way to Casa Mona Lisa, on the way we had a good time singing, eating, and bonding. We arrived at our hostel, where we had our final seminar filled with love, emotion, tears, joy, and everything you could think of. We reflected on our trip, on things we learned, things we are going to take home with us, things that impacted us, everything about the trip we had discussed. To end our night we had spaghetti for dinner and had our final, bonding game of Mafia.

It is a bittersweet feeling to leave, but we can all say we are all excited to see our family at the SFO Domestic Terminal at 8:40pm tomorrow night!