Well guess who’s back. It’s your favorite commentator for the Brooklyn vs Bronx games – Martin Baugh. Tonight was the final game of the series and of course Brooklyn came out on top as always. My guy Calijah Durant aka the Young Bull was putting on a show for all to see. This guy was pulling threes from all over the court, dunking the ball and doing fancy layups. The Bull was unstoppable tonight as the Bronx Boys were struggling to keep up. The game started out as a light blow out with a score of 8-2 with Brooklyn leading of course. The Bronx Boys decided to play their hardest to keep the game alive. Joseph aka JoeJoe was running up the score to try and make the score closer. Joseph with the help of my son JohnnyBoii got the score to a close 12-10. The Young Bull wasn’t having any of that so he put on his game face and VI-O-LATED. He was putting up shots that almost no one could defend. My boy Joseph tried his hardest and even blocked a few shots that Calijah put up, but in the end it was pointless. The Young Bull couldn’t do it all alone though. He had the help of Rohan Walker and Kevin Peña aka The Lockdown defender and KevKev. Rohan had Joseph on an X and even while Joseph was talking smack Rohan kept a mellow head and did his THANG. KevKev was bugging pulling up threes that no one has ever seen him make within our days being in Riobamba. Kevin pulled some tricks out of his hat today and was playing like James Harden. Tonight, my guys did their things and came out on top. These games that we play helped to strengthen the bond between everyone and we all came out as family. But the overall thing to take away from these games is the Brooklyn is just better than the Bronx.