As Global Glimpse came to an end, many people took today to enjoy Riobamba one last time. Today was full  of smiles and tears, laughter and jokes. And a whole lot of memories. Our day started with an huge thank you to our friends at Cafe del Tren as we had our last breakfast there. Though out the whole trip, they have provided us with amazing breakfast and a warm place to watch the Olympics in the morning. They always had a smile on their faces when we walked in every morning, especially the amazing owner Carlos. After we said our last goodbyes, we headed back to the hostel to play two amazing games of Ninja. Both games were very competitive and entertaining to watch, as the boys of San Juan went head to head to see who would be crowned the best Ninja. Both Giannia and Stanley showed amazing speed in skill in both games but that wasn’t enough to stop Sedeq as he defeated both of them back to back. Following the game we had our final Seminar, as we reflect about our experience on the trip. It was an very emotional moment as everyone share their best moments on this trip and their final Big Loves. As we wrapped up the seminar, we said our final goodbyes to our Ecuadorian mom Maria. She allowed us to stay at her hostel and she showered us with endless love everyday. She will always have a spot in our hearts just like we will have a spot in hers. At noon we headed over to Roma Santa to say our final goodbyes to Isabel as we had our last lunch there. Isabel and her two handy helpers Alex and Hamilton always put smiles on our faces. We shared wonderful moments together, from dancing on some nights, to playing tag with her son Nelson outside. They filled our stomach and our hearts and we will truly miss her. After lunch we headed over to the park to make one last memory together. It was full of great discoveries, victories, and defeated. The first moment was a quick two on two basketball game, as H-Cue and I took on Stanley and Justin. Although the game went down to the wire H-Cue and Youssouf were no match for Stanley’s tremendous defense and Justin’s unstoppable jumper. After that Justin showed us that his jumper was no game as he destroyed the boys in an around the world shooting game. He gave the boys a reason to respect the old heads a little more. The day came to an end as we gave our final goodbye to our own “SuperMan” Junito. Junito was an amazing bus driver and an amazing friend. He was with us on every activity we had. He made us laugh and made us smile cheek to cheek. He played a huge role during our CAP project as he gave us the proper materials and just the right help we need. He took us in as his kids and made every day a day to remember. So as the trip come to an end, we would like to thank everyone that was with us for this wild amazing ride. Thanks for the support and we should see you soon. THANK YOU.