Hello fellow glimpsers and family, this is the last leader of the day Na’Tasia. I woke up at around 5am, even though wake up call was at 7am. We had gallo pinto,eggs,and bread for breakfast at 8am. When all was done, we had 2 energizers, Simon Says and Riff-off. Afterwards we had the money returns with Tony, followed by last minute free time for gifts and snacks w/Coach Troy. Everyone came back to the hotel to finish up packing and moving their bags to the common area, and there we talked and laughed until we had our last meal in Nicaragua, lunch. When lunch was finished we gave our thanks to the hostel staff giving them a beautiful painting purchased by the previous ELDD.
The bus honked its horn from outside, and we loaded up, ready to get to the airport. The ride to the airport was much faster than the ride from. Arriving at the airport 2 or 3 hours before plane departure, where we gave our last hugs and pictures with our in county GG Leaders, Margarita and Heysell. Goin through customs was quick and easy, no lines. We all got a few snacks to eat before the plane arrived, there is were we met another delegation.

We boarded the plane at 5:15pm and approximately an hour later, we were at San Salvador. Now this is were things got stressful. We get off the plane and immediately had to go through security, AGAIN, in order to reach our gate. Let’s not ¬†forget, our plane was boarding, and some of us had to get our bags checked. Luckily, everyone was on the plane and seated for take off. The 6 hour flight consisted of; laughter, talking, watching Captain America and Race, a few quick naps, and listening to music. In the air, we saw a lightening shower, it was so beautiful.
After the plane landed, we had our last head count and was adding everyone on snapchat. Then we went through customs and then baggage claim for our last group picture. That was the departure of E1C, but we will always be a family, regardless of how far away we live.



Final Day E1C