Today was the last full day in Panama and it was amazing. This morning we said our goodbyes to the hotel and to the city of Chitre, which was the city that we were staying at for the past 15 days. Today was packed with adventure and learning new things about Panama.

Today we went back to Panama City to prepare for our departure back to the States tomorrow. We made many stops along the way. Our first stop was at a traditional and authentic souvenir shop called, La Casa Amarilla. Which translates to The Yellow House, and there we saw many different traditional souvenirs that we purchased. I personally purchased a couple of things for my parents and for my best friend; which I know they will enjoy.

After, we were able to take a well-needed nap on the bus as we approached the City of Panama and as we left Chitre. Shortly, after arriving in the city, we stopped at Niko´s Cafe where we enjoyed a  delicious meal. Then we made our way to see the jaw-dropping Panama Canal and its museum. As we approached the Canal, we saw how important it is to the country and to the world. We had a very fun and educational time in the museum, where we read on the Canal´s history and its uses. We were able to see the Canal from an observation deck and we took many pictures that I will cherish forever. I was also able to buy some souvenirs there, which I am very happy about.

After, having a great experience at the Canal, we made our way to the hotel Gemar and checked in our bags. We had a very emotional reflection session based on the last 15 days and talked about how we all impacted each other’s lives. As well, as sharing a delicious dinner that we all enjoyed very well.

Being the leader of the day today was not only a fun and challenging experience, but it was also life-changing. I believe it was life-changing because I have never really shown my leadership skills, until today. I think I did a good job. Honestly, I am happy that I was the last student Leader of the Day because I knew that I could handle everything that was done today. I really had an amazing time these last 15 days and I can´t wait to share what I learned with the world.

Here is our flight information:

Please keep track of it and remain updated because it may change due to turbulence. Make sure you visit our blog tomorrow for more information on our arrival and check your emails as well.

United – 1022 – Newark (EWR) 08/07/2019 Departing at 09:30 AM- Arriving at 03:50 PM