We made it. One more day until our three-week long adventure comes to an end! As you can probably imagine, I’m definitely feeling the pressure as the Glimpser to write the FINAL blog of E1C 2014. Where do I even begin… I guess you could say the feeling of going home tomorrow is bittersweet. I can already picture it now: reuniting with our loved ones, chowing down on some good Chinese food, and of course laying down on our own beds at home (not that the beds here aren’t comfortable or anything..). At the same time, however, it’s sad to think that the family we’ve made here in Nicaragua is splitting up. No more nightly meetings, no more roommates, no more gallo pinto; do we even know how to live any other way anymore?

Today was dedicated to reflecting on the past three weeks here in Esteli. After our typical avocado, plantain, and gallo pinto breakfast at Alfredito’s, we returned to the hostel to talk about everything we’ve learned here. We created Global Glimpse “journey maps” including moments on our trip we found significant, people who inspired us, and lessons we learned about ourselves and about leadership. We also gave our final “big loves” of the trip, telling each and every Glimpser and leader what we loved about them. Receiving a piece of paper full of compliments was quite the self-esteem booster for many of us. 🙂

We had free time the rest of the day to do some packing and last-minute shopping, and to of course do some final bonding. We’re all looking forward to our fancy dinner tonight at Coffee & Cocktails which is located ALL THE WAY across the street. From being miserable and sick to dancing and singing our hearts out, this delegation did everything together. In only three weeks, we became a family and it’s sad to think that we will no longer be spending everyday together. I’m not ready to say goodbye to my “diarrhea siblings!” 🙁 I’m also not ready to say goodbye to the plantains!!! Whether it was fun day, dump day, politics day, or poverty day, every moment was worthwhile. The lessons we have learned here will stick with us forever, and we’ll be sure to bring them back to the States with us to share them with everyone. Well, I guess it’s finally time to say goodbye to Nicaragua, goodbye to Henrietta & Humberto, goodbye to all of the locals, goodbye to our home away from home. See you all soon!